Jay Berube - Speaker Profile

Jay Berube is a serial entrepreneur and multiple business owner in the fields of Real Estate and Property Management. Through the implementation of systems, funnels and processes, he provides tools, training, & one-on-one coaching for you to dominate your market and convert cold leads to closed sales. Jay works with some of the best Real Estate Agents and Property Managers in the industry to bring RESULTS.

How to build and scale a successful Referral Program

Discover a systematic way to generate consistent warm leads through leveraging your relationships. You are going to learn about identifying your Outreach super power and how to build a mind set around that. We will also cover the important metrics to follow, setting a plan and sticking to it and creating Atomic habbits.

How to operationalize your Sales Process & Strategy

In this training we’ll go over the common mistakes that property managers make in their sale process and how to avoid them. We’ll review scripts and templates and why they are so important. Find out what software to consider that you need to implement in order to be able to scale. Learn how to simplify the sales process.

Building a 90 day Marketing Blueprint

Master the team, tools and tech that you need to successfully build a 90 day Marketing Blueprint. Find out how to identify your unique value proposition and how that can solve a customers problem in ways that other people do not. Finally, learn how to scale this system and review everything from driving the traffic, attracting the audience, building and then converting.