Ready to Build A Profitable Real Estate Business With Consistent Income?
Generate Qualified Leads - Confidently Close More Sales - Set Up Systems And Processes
With the Support And Leadership of An Expert Community
And You DON’T Need:
  • Another throw-away training that tells you WHAT to do but not HOW or WHY.
  •  To spend ONE MORE DAY wondering if what you’re doing will work or not. 
  •  To sacrifice your every waking hour - and your relationships - to get your biz to thrive. 
Hi, Jay here. We may never have met face-to-face, but if you’re struggling to grow your real estate business, I know EXACTLY where you’re at right now. If I sat down with you for a cup of coffee, you’d tell me you’re SO … 
  • Tired of chasing unqualified leads. Seriously, where do the lead gen services FIND these guys?
  •  Discouraged by all the “NOs” you keep getting on sales calls. Would it kill somebody to just say “Yes” every once in awhile? 
  •  Frustrated and overwhelmed with all the day-to-day tasks it takes to keep a business afloat. 
  •  Inconsistent with lead gen and follow up - it’s feast or famine around here. Steak and shrimp today, ramen tomorrow! 
  •  In desperate need of systems to automate your processes from lead gen to closing. 
  •  Sick of wasting time on time-consuming trainings that tell you WHAT to do but never WHY or HOW to do it. 
  •  Stretched thin working insane hours just to keep up with everything. 
Does that about cover it? Did I leave anything out?
Jay Berube
Listen, I get it. In over 15 years in the real estate sales industry, I’ve walked in your shoes. I’ve been through all the ups and downs of being a real estate agent and growing a real estate business. 

I’ve faced the same challenges you’re facing right now and spent nights awake asking myself the SAME tough questions.
  • Is it always going to be this hard?
  •  Do I have what it takes to really make this business succeed? 
  •  What if I’m no good at selling? 
  •  Why aren’t all the trainings I’ve taken helping? 
  •  Is it me?
HERE’S THE TRUTH - It’s NOT You, And It’s Not Your Fault!
The real estate industry has fallen short in providing the support and training agents need to be successful and learn how to build profitable real estate businesses. Real estate agents are left feeling unprepared and uncertain, grasping at straws and trying every training and strategy under the sun to get results. Their wallets - and their mindsets - are suffering.
It’s time for that to change
Welcome To Sell University Inner Circle!
The Membership Community That Offers The Training And Support You Need - From Leads To Systems To Sales (And More) - To Build The Business You Want!
I want to help you gain momentum as a real estate pro so you can reach the level of success and financial freedom you crave NOW. So I’ve designed Sell University Inner Circle to be an ongoing community that provides EVERYTHING needed - the right trainings, support, systems, and mindset - to radically change your business and your life and achieve success in real estate!

When you JOIN NOW, you’ll be getting in at the LOWEST PRICE this membership will ever be - just $79 per month! 

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Here’s what’s included:
ALL The Lead Gen Intensives - (for a LIMITED TIME ONLY)
Crush your income goals with this collection of lead generating masterclasses. Most sales agents earn $250,000+ per year by following these powerful processes. Learn the most effective and powerful phrases, objection handlers and closers in each pillar of real estate. Unlock your highest potential and earn massive income with these classes! 
Ultimate FSBO Masterclass 
75% of FSBOs hire the very first agent who reaches them. Learn exactly what to do to capture them 12- 24 hours before the other agents. This masterclass will teach you a simple and clear step-by-step process to hook the lowest hanging fruit in our industry: FSBOs. This training isn’t taught anywhere else. 
  • All the “Blue Ocean” FSBO Scripts
  •  FSBO Objection Crushers 
  •  Closes that Convert FSBO Listings 
  •  Step-by-Step Lead To Closing FSBO Process 
  •  Complete “Pop By Presentation” and Checklist 
  •  All FSBO Value Add Resources 
  •  Aggressive Lead Follow Up Roadmap and Done-For-You Email and Text Campaigns 
Expired Masterclass
Learn to tame the fiercest tiger in real estate cold calling world! This masterclass will teach you to master the art of converting expired and cancelled listings using a simple step by step approach. Learn exactly what to say and when to say it to convert expired and cancelled listings at the highest level.
  •  All the “Blue Ocean” Expired Scripts
  •  OLD Expired & Cancelled Scripts & Process
  •  Expired Objection Crushers 
  •  Closes that Convert Expired Listings 
  •  Step-by-Step Lead To Closing Expired Process
  •  Complete “Listing Presentation” and Checklist
  •  Aggressive Lead Follow Up Roadmap and Done-For-You Email and Text Campaigns 
Absentee Owner
Learn the powerful process for calling absentee owners that will instantly create confidence from afar so you can become their most trusted advisor. Understand exactly what they struggle with and how to be positioned as the solution that they need! This class will provide you easy hacks to build reliance and assurance from miles away. You will feel confident knowing what absentee owners need and how to give it to them, without ever even meeting them face to face!
  •  All the “Blue Ocean” Absentee Scripts
  •  Step by step how to find them
  •  Absentee Objection Crushers 
  •  All the questions to ask them 
  •  Step-by-Step setup to calling process
  •  Aggressive Lead Follow Up Roadmap and Done-For-You Email and Text Campaigns.
For Rent By Owner
Hidden in plain sight are dozens of investors who are simply one bad tenant away from selling their investment property or one stressful month of vacancy away from listing their property with an agent. This masterclass will teach you the secrets to capturing lifelong clients through investment properties. Learn who to call, how to get the right phone numbers, the best way to instantly build a relationship with a local property management company so you can convert rental properties into sales. Not all FRBOs sell right now, but they will later. Master the simple phrases that will make you a trusted advisor that owners need and want and will keep for life. Build your pipeline for years to come!
  •  All the “Blue Ocean” FRBO Scripts
  •  FRBO Objection Crushers
  •  Closes that Convert FRBO Listings 
  •  Step-by-Step Lead To Closing FRBO Process 
  •  Complete “Pop By Presentation” and Checklist 
  •  All FRBO Value Add Resources 
  •  Aggressive Lead Follow Up Roadmap and Done-For-You Email and Text Campaigns
Database Gold Mining
Your database is the most tried and true method of creating a massive financial growth. Most agents aren’t using their CRM or touching their database in an effective way. Learn who to call, when to call them and exactly what to say to continue to easily close deals for years to come. Feel confident implementing the exact step by step system to add tremendous value to your database, your past clients and your center of influence. Understand exactly how to grow your database and how to close dozens of more deals per year without ever cold calling, door knocking or expensive direct mail!
  •  All the “Blue Ocean” Database Scripts
  •  Step by step how to Nurture them
  •  Weekly email video templates & guide
  •  All the questions to ask
  •  Step-by-Step setup to calling process
  •  Complete Email, Call, Postcard, & Event plans
Target Market
Gone are the days of the old farmer. Learn specific step you need to take in today’s modern world to dominate your farm. Feel confident knowing exactly what to say, when to say it and what to send to your farm to become the most trusted professional neighborhood realtor. 
  •  Complete marketing plan to Target your audience
  •  "Client Profile" to better understand your avatar
  •  Complete Planning & Organization lessons 
  •  Including Phone, Email, Mailing scripts and material
  •  How to set up your Systems & CRM
  •  Weekly email video templates & guide
  •  All the questions to ask
  •  How to create, target, & implement a FaceBook Audience
Sales Mastery 
Most battles are won before they’re ever fought. Success in sales is all about knowing what to say, how to say it and when to say it. This masterclass will prepare you to feel confident in delivering the right message to every single client or prospect so you can close the deal every single time. 
  •  Psychology of Sales
  •  How to Capture - and Keep - Attention 
  •  Compel to Persuade 
  •  Convert Sellers to SOLD 
  •  Understanding Human Behavior 
  •  4 Laws of Persuasion
Buyer Conversion Mastery
Our buyer’s agents all earn $150,000+ per year using the exact techniques and skills taught in this masterclass. You’ll learn proven methods for getting more quality buyer leads, signing more buyer agreements and closing them quickly so you can stop wasting time on disloyal and non-serious buyers. 
  •  "Blue Ocean” Buyer Scripts
  •  Buyer Lead Flow 
  •  Buyer Objection Crushers 
  •  Conversation Control Roadmap 
  •  Ultimate Buyer’s Guide
Change Agent Foundation Training
Set your business up for success with a business plan, systems and mindset training. This has EVERYTHING you need to tackle the day-to-day nuts and bolts of business AND master your mindset for more confident sales. Learn the 4 most critical facets of a solid real estate business and how to develop them to set you up with a concrete foundation to support massive growth in your business. 

The single most important thing that will set you apart from the rest of the pack is your mindset.  Discover how to become a highly effective seller, change your internal language, overcome fear of rejection and then learn how to channel those traits to create massive success in your business.

Do you want to make $250,000+ dollars this year? The ONE thing that all agents earning $250,000+ have in common is a written business plan. Learn exactly how to successfully develop and implement a painless business plan with a strong foundation and easy to track goals.

Lack of structure killing your business? Take control of your time! Learn exactly how to eliminate time wasters, lock out mental distractions, create seamless systems, implement productive habits & eliminate bottlenecks that slow you down

If your business was a band, sales would be the lead singer. Tracking sales metrics will increase your performance, optimize sales activities and improve accountability. Learn the most critical metrics to track, the best method of tracking them and how to use them to empower you. 
Support, Structure, & Accountability
No one should have to go it alone. Seller University was designed to make sure you’re supported and feel confident to take the steps to grow your business.
  •  Monthly Accountability Partner Program
  •  Instant Access to the Inner Circle 
  •  Exclusive, Real-Time Support Within the Group
Exclusive Member Access To "The Vault"
Here you go! These are the best of the best of all my resources and tools, including:
  •  All my BEST Scripts and Objections Handlers (used to sell over 1400 homes).
  •  150 Video Trainings (over 100 trainings with in-depth, step-by-step coaching). 
  •  Templates, Tools, and Resources (just edit, plug and play!) 
  •  Lifetime Access to All Course Modules 
  •  Exclusive Discounts With Our Partners
Coaching & Mentorship
I wouldn’t give you the tools without showing you how to use them! I’m with you every step of the way because YOUR success is my success!
  •  Monthly Group Coaching Call with Jay
  •  Monthly Group Onboarding Call with Jay
  •  Weekly Live Trainings
  •  Twice Monthly Live Role Plays
  •  Monthly Accountability Partner Program
Any Time Access To Online Trainings
100% Risk Free Guarantee
You can try SELL University, and if you aren't satisfied, just ask for a full refund by within 14 days of purchasing. If you do the work, put in your best effort, and feel like I haven't delivered on SELL University, I'll give you a 100% refund That's how confident I am!
Bonus #1
Expert Script Cookbook
Know EXACTLY what to say every single time to speak to a prospect or client. The what, why, when, and how to use sales scripts to connect with and convert sellers. Make sales scripts an effective tool in your selling arsenal by learning how to properly execute them without sounding salesy or robotic. This bonus will provide you with every single script you need to create massive success.
  •  FSBO Scripts
  •  Expired Scripts
  •  Absentee Owner & FRBO
  •  Database Scripts
  •  And many more...
Bonus #2
Objection Crusher Cookbook
Never allow an objection derail you again. Learn the secret techniques that will allow you to handle every objection with confidence and ease so you always know exactly what to say and how to say it.
  •  "I'm not going to give it away"
  •  "We are in a bad market"
  •  "What are you going to do differently" 
  •  "I'm going to sell it myself"
  •  And so many more...
Bonus #3
Seller Conversion Playbook
What's the point in generating leads, if you can't convert them at a high level?  With the Seller Conversion Playbook you will learn the most powerful phrases in real estate to book more appointments and convert sellers at the highest possible level.
  •  Financial Benefit close
  •  What's more important close
  •  Last resort close
  •  Shifting market close
  •  And so many more...
Bonus #4
Change Agent Roadmap
90 days to clarity, freedom, and massive success.  This easy to follow plan will guide you in creating a clear course of action to setting and crushing your goals without feeling overwhelmed.
  •  Identify challenges and opportunities
  •  Set Annual Goals 
  •  Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly, & Daily Planning
  •  Forecast predictable results
  •  Leverage your time
Here’s A Recap Of EVERYTHING You'll Get 
  • Ultimate FSBO Masterclass ($997 Value)
  •  Sales Mastery ($1,497 Value) 
  •  ALL the Lead Generation Intensive (LIMITED TIME ONLY) ($3,388 Value) 
  •  Change Agent Foundation Training ($1,988 Value) 
  •  Exclusive Member Vault ($1,197 Value) 
  •  Buyer Conversion Mastery ($997 Value)
  •  4 Fast Action Bonuses when you JOIN NOW! ($938)
  •  PLUS My 30-Day Guarantee. Sign up today, and if you don’t like it for any reason 
Total Value: $11,022
And if you join NOW, you’ll be getting in at the LOWEST PRICE this membership will ever be
Just $147/month
Sell University is for you if you:
  • want to feel confident getting on the phone or meeting a client for a listing presentation and actually know WHAT to say and HOW to say it.
  •  are ready to do what it takes to develop a proven plan and put systems in place that will allow you to grow your business without going crazy. 
  •  long to stop working late nights and weekends and have more personal time for family, friends, fun and relaxation. 
  •  love spending your time talking to qualified leads who actually convert to sales versus stringing you along.
SELL University Is NOT For You If You:
  •  are comfortable just “winging it” or are married to using sales scripts without knowing how or why they really work.
  •  aren’t willing to do the work to put systems into place that will save you time and energy in the long run.  
  •  don’t want consistency and serious momentum in your business (we’re talking taking multiple new listings per week!). 
  •  don’t mind having all the little busy tasks in your business suck up all your time and energy, keeping you from doing what you love - selling homes.
Don’t Just Take My Word For It … 
listen to what they say...
Want More Success Stories?
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About Jay Berube
Jay is a 15-year veteran of the real estate sales industry. Everything changed for his real estate business when 12 of his agents walked out. He and his wife Jessica had to start over, making up to 50 cold calls a day and getting countless “no’s” (that was fun). That’s when Jay got real about discovering that not only was WHAT you say to sellers important, but also WHY and HOW you say it.

Today, Jay Berube is in the TOP 1% of real estate agents in the nation with over $325,000,000 in real estate sales and 1300+ HOMES SOLD. In 2018, 80% of his closed deals took place without him ever having met the client, 60% of the properties he sold he never actually set foot inside, and he only spent 25% of his time making 85 deals!
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