Jay Berube

A serial entrepreneur, Jay started selling candy to his classmates in the 4th grade and never looked back. Today he is one of the Top 1% of Realtors worldwide, selling more than 1,300 homes and closing over $325 million. He owns a thriving property management company, helping over 2,000 landlords rent out and manage their investment properties, and is developing a coaching company for real estate agents throughout the country.

To get to where he is today, Jay has taken on major risks and has always beaten the odds. He grew up poor on government food, has overcome depression, quit smoking, beaten addiction, and worked diligently on self improvement to better his future. His determination, focus on mindset and taking massive action, has changed his life and makes him the perfect coach for thousands of real estate agents throughout the country.

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It comes as no surprise that Jay wants to help fellow agents as Jay loves to serve others. Whether it is volunteering with Rotary International, earning the Rotarian of the Year award in 2012 and Service Above Self Award in 2013, serving as the President of the Women’s Council of Realtors for his local board, traveling to Guatemala to implement water projects and build schools, donating 100 wheelchairs to El Salvador, or giving polio drops to children in India, Jayseeks to add value and make a difference. This belief system extends to his entire family, as he and his wife Jessica adopted their son, Lincoln, in record time and took massive action to adopt their daughter Kensington 5 months later. They have also opened their home to several foreign exchange students, an orphan from China, a child from Belize who needed heart surgery, plus many local foster children. Jay and Jessica wouldn’t have it any other way.

Things that make me unique

worked at Disney: leads into taking risk taking
Risk: to borrow $1k for a new Lexus and fly or crash in real estate
risk taking decision to quit my job and sell real estate
risk taking decision to move to FL by myself
Risk: put $10k on my credit card to sign up for Tony Robbins mastery program. This is when I had zero dollars to my name. Since then I have participated in over 20 different Tony Robbins events
Growing up poor and on government food
Nicknames when I was young were “porkchop” and “mystery kid”, this gives you a glimpse into how childhood was rough for me.
Most impactful day of my life December 4th, 2007 (quit drinking)
Vegetarian for 5 years for no apparent reason
Then started eating meat again after the 5 years for no apparent reason
Big time Depression for all of 2015. had to teach myself how to get out of the depression. Taught myself Mindset elevator doors, repetition
Spent 4 weeks in India giving Polio drops to children
Quit drinking 300 times, finally quit for good, moral is you can fail many times, but finally persevere
Adoption story. Adopted Lincoln in record time and then massive action to adopt Kensington 5 months later– caring, or making quick decisions at times and trusting your instincts
Dropped 50 pounds two different times of my life
Jay and wife Jessica took a month off of work in 2017 to basically save peoples lives coordinating and being in the front line during and after Hurricane Irma
Personally Collected and coordinated $1,000,000 of Medical equipment to be sent and received in Haiti right after the earthquake
Several times to Guatemala to raise $$ for and implement water projects
Raised money and Built schools in Guatemala
Donated 100 wheelchairs to El Salvador and was personally on the ground lifting children and elderly from make shift pieces of wood with wheels into their first Wheelchairs
Hosted several foreign youth exchange students in our home for several years
Hosted a 7 year old Chinese boy named Zhao, who had never seen anything in his life besides an orphanage in a rural part of china, through great walls of adoption. This was during Christmas time for 1 month and the point was to find an adoptive family for him in the USA. And we did!!!!
JAY AND JESSICA ARE Foster parents
Started selling in 4th grade when I would go to the corner store, buy “Penny candy”, organize it in my pencil box, and sell it to my class for 5 cents each.
80% of my closed deals last year haven’t met the client
Spent 25% of my time on 85 deals last year

My qualifications

o Real Estate sales for over 15 years

o Property Management company for over 15 years

o Spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on coaching to better myself, my business, and to improve the lives of others around me

o Strong mindset. Overcame alcoholism, became a vegetarian for 5 years, does intense cleanses of the body, achieved massive weight loss

o Sold over 1,300 homes

o Sold over $325,000,000 of real estate

o Have helped over 2,000 landlords rent out and manage their investment properties

List of topics I am qualified to cover

o How to be an entrepreneur

o How to build a successful RE business

RE market
o How to build a successful PM business

What investors need to know
o How to manage multiple businesses

And should you?
o How to re-build businesses

o How to keep a positive mindset over decades and bounce back

o How to beat addiction

o How to manage clients

o How to keep a sales mentality

o How to manage a team

o How to manage and overcome depression

o How to leverage resources

o How to work with your spouse

o How to hire and when to fire

o How to know where to spend money to grow

o The importance of organization

o How to create a business plan