Flip The Script
Lighting the Script on Fire!
Flip the Script will give you the confidence and allow you to take back control of the conversation and put you in the driver's seat so you can do what you do best…motivate your prospect to make the right decision.
About Jay Berube
I’m Jay Berube, Realtor, Coach, Entrepreneur
In over 15 years of real estate I've heard it all. I've been on that defensive, and I hated it. 

After getting rejected thousands of times, I realized I needed to take a step back and realize why they were objecting. Once I figured that out, I started listing 1 of every 15 FSBOs I called. 

Guess what? YOU can unlock the secrets to absolutely CRUSH the 3 most popular FSBO objections so you never have to hear them again. Click on the button for your free download that will help you will get the listing every single time. 
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