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Our consulting programs provide proven systems, tools, and resources, that directly impact growth, productivity, profitability, and retention


Our Real Estate Consulting Program is designed to assist businesses in optimizing their systems for enhanced productivity and streamlined processes. By leveraging our expertise in real estate consulting, we can help you identify areas of improvement, implement innovative solutions, and maximize the efficiency of your systems.


Our program is designed to equip you with the knowledge, tools, and personalized support necessary to navigate the complexities of the real estate industry. Let us show you how our consulting program can unlock the full potential of your business.


Our Real Estate Consulting Program is designed to have a profound impact on our clients' processes, helping them streamline operations, increase productivity, and achieve their business goals. By leveraging our expertise and strategic insights, we empower our clients to optimize their processes and unlock their full potential.


Our coaching program goes beyond traditional consulting, providing personalized guidance and support to help you optimize key metrics that drive your business success. This includes helping you in goal setting, performance analysis, skill development, mindset, accountability, and support.

90-day ROADMAP

A clear & effective business strategy allowing you to make data-driven decisions that will fuel the growth & profitability of your company.

Business progress and planning need to include 90 day short term, actionable steps that lead to results to support your long-term goals. Not only do we focus on the big picture, but we focus on making progress, measuring that progress, and celebrating the wins along the way.

Custom strategy & support

1 Hour Strategic Direction Call

Email Access to Jay Berube

Voxer (Walkie-Talkie) Access to Jay

Exclusive Weekly 30min Coaching Calls with Jay

Access to resources, templates, panning tools & business systems

Accountability & Support

Question Based Approach To Business Strategy

Where are you now?

Where do you want to be?

What's standing in the way?

What Others Think about WORKING WITH JAY BERUBE

Chilon Anderson

I have been working with Jay for 3 years now and he has helped me increase my revenue over 3X. The first year it was by 67%; the second year an additional 72%; this past year, an additional 59%! Jay has helped me get focused on what is important for Property Management and our specific concerns. Jay works within my ability to move forward on coaching directives and he helped me to determine what I want my goals to be. He has been able to talk me off the ledge (so to speak) on several occasions when I just couldn't see past the forest for the trees. He teaches well, meets me on my level, and encourages me to stretch as I am able. He is firm yet yielding when he senses I am at "wit's end" which in PM it seems that happens with weekly regularity. He has encouraged me to keep my life in balance and not give my all to PM. As you can see, I have nothing but good things to say about Jay as a person and about his coaching. I strongly encourage you to jump into the water, Jay will be of great service to you, as he has for me.

Chilon Anderson

Jessica L

To say that Jay has helped my career is an understatement. He has completely changed the way I do business in real estate. I went from having a stressful, unpredictable, entrepreneurial job, to a stable, fun, successful, growing career! Not only does Jay help me gather strong and lucrative buyer, seller, and rental leads, but also guides me every step of the way. He is always there with a quick response to any question I have, no matter the time of day. Jay is encouraging, empathetic, and always eager to help others achieve their goals as he does his own every single day. I have had a lot of bosses, mentors, and coaches who have made it hard to go to them with any issue or concern, but he never makes it difficult for me to reach out. He's the first person I call when things go wrong and the first person I call when everything is going great. The best part is, he's proud of me in either scenario and lets me know it. I am truly grateful to call Jay my boss and I wouldn't want anyone else as my real estate mentor.

Jessica L.

Marlo Kersey

Before working with Jay Berube I had a rookie perspective on my business and I let it run me. After only a few days of following his guidance, I realized that I needed to focus more of my time on income-producing activities. Previously I was taught that every lead was a good lead. I would spend countless hours trying to nurture a connection that was never there, to begin with. Jay made me realize that the time that I am taking to follow up with cold leads was more valuable and that I should only spend my time with hot leads. Jay has a wealth of knowledge with his years of experience and he is an open book to help guide you to a successful career. Jay genuinely cares about people and is undoubtedly a great leader!

Marlo Kersey

Tyler Green

Jay.. just got the paperwork signed for my 3rd FSBO listing and it's only been 11 days since I watched your first training! Just wanted to share the impact and success man!

Tyler Green

Karen Freundlich

I am continuing to set appointments LIKE CRAZY! 🙂 Wanted to make sure I didn't miss something. Have you given us scripts or anything for what to say when calling to follow up AFTER the pop-by? Today's Tuesday so I have 3 follow-ups to do after my pop-bys from last week. Thank you!!!

Karen Freundlich

Derek Carlson

Jay Berube is a true Rock Star. He's a master of Real Estate, and how to make your business grow. I've listened to many coaches and organizations, and there's just nothing that compares to what Jay is offering Realtors to help grow their businesses. What makes Jay different is that he is a true practitioner of his craft. Too many coaches & experts tell you how to grow your business, without ever actually doing it themselves. Not Jay! He practices everything that he preaches. Jay will not only show you the path to success but will also change your mindset to the point where you will reach a level that you never thought was possible in our real estate industry.

Derek Carlson

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