About funnels & fire

Funnels & Fire is a provider of products and services, including coaching and consulting, serving real estate agents and influencers who value their time and are looking to create profitable and efficient businesses through our sales and marketing solutions. We want our clients, not only to work with us, but we want you to achieve LONG TERM RESULTS to maximize your profitability. This creates long term clients who we build trusting relationships with who frequently refer us new customers.

Meet Jay

Jay Berube is a serial entrepreneur and multiple business owner in the fields of Real Estate, Property Management, Digital Marketing, and Sales Coaching. Jay has personally sold over 1400 homes, managed over 3,000 properties, and has coached thousands of real estate agents and property managers.

Jay is on a mission to train real estate agents & property managers in the specific area of sales, and help position you as the “trusted advisor” to earn more business.

Jay’s “Trusted Advisor” approach to Sales and Marketing has allowed him the opportunity to implement creative, rejection free, strategies to sales & marketing and to provide a new approach to converting sales.

Jay's work in numbers

Coaching and Consulting Tracks: Systems, Strategy, and Growth
Multiple 7-figure businesses built
Helped over 3,000 landlords
0 to 350 PM doors in 2 years
helped recruit 100s of Real Estate agents
over 1400 homes sold