3 Elements Of A Great Script

Bad Script vs Good Script, what is the difference?

Real estate agents are taught to use scripts verbatim, except it’s virtually impossible to actually do. And many of the scripts that are so freely handed out by the big box brokerages are complete junk that don’t help you grow your business at all.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve made tens of thousands of cold calls and have never once “stuck to the script” throughout the entire conversation. (it’s just not realistic).

So what do you do when the conversation deviates from the script? In this video I’m breaking down the three key secrets to great scripts and how and when to use them to close more deals and dramatically increase business without having to spend more time or money.

1. Scripts are question based and grab the prospects attention
2. Understanding why you’re asking the question and what to say after they answer
3. ASK for the business! ASK for the business! ASK for the business!

Stop listening to the knuckleheads who are pushing their ineffective BS scripts on you. You deserve better. You deserve to know the truth.

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