How to Get 3 Deals in 30 Days, Even if You’re a New Agent

Want to get 3 more deals in 30 days even if you’re a new agent in your first 30 days of real estate.  Here is my blueprint for anyone who is brand new to the industry or just somebody who wants to add an additional three units every month.

Let’s dive in!

Day 1 & 2: Focus on your mindset. Make sure that your head is right,  it’s something that most agents forget and it’s easy to overlook and it’s hard to do consistently as well.

Day 3 & 4: Set up the business plan.  Be clear on your outcome and know exactly where you need to go. It makes it a lot easier to implement the short term things that you need to do.

Day 5 & 6: Reserve these two days for mapping out the plan.  This is a must for all real estate agents.  Identify who your ideal client is, what they look like, where do they shop, what problems they have, their age range, demographic, price point for purchase. What’s going on in their life at the moment?  

Day 7 & 8: Get systemized.  It’s not the most fun thing to do, but it is crucial to the success of your business.  Outline the tools you need for success.  A CRM, email newsletter client (I use Mailchimp which is free to start), Cole Realty Resource, for lead gen, simple tools but the key here is to create the system you need for success.

Day 9, 10, 11 & 12: Now that you have the foundation you’re set up for success.  You know your targets, you have your mindset strong, its go time.  Set aside some time to prospect.  For example I say that I’ll prospect for four hours in the day.  I’m going to do lead follow up, admin work, go on appointments and do drive bys and pop bys. 

Day 13 and 14:  Layer in old expireds and cancels.  They’re an easier source of business, which is fantastic because they’re not being driven by realtors all the time.

Day 15 & 16: Layer in your absentee owners.  As you can see at this point you’re contacting four different sources and rotating your touches.  This is an ongoing process that you want to use.

Day 17: Start implementing your systems.  Remember those from dat 7 & 8?  Set up some email workflows and nurture sequences.  Keep it simple, basically what you want to do is after you make first contact, have your email sequence ready that you’d like to send to them along with more organic messages based on your conversations with your lead.

Day 18: Begin to send out your weekly video newsletter.  Keep the videos short 30 seconds to a minute should do it, and keep it educational, entertaining and informative.

Day 19: Incorporate property management into your business.  You don’t have to run out and start a property management business, but develop relationships with the top tier property management business in your area.  These companies usually have strong referral programs and will pay good referral fees (I do this in my company) and also protect the agent with their clients on the sale.

Day 20 & 21: Identify which communities you want to farm.  Now I don’t’ mean go out and buy a bunch of pumpkins and give them away at a community event or something or just sending postcards.  I mean creating a strategic plan that is going to put you in front of your leads in different ways.  Start with a community profile, that will help you make your decision to farm with what  I call the a’s. The absorption rate, the average age of the homes, amenity is the agents working in the community acceptance in the community.

Day 22 & 23: By this point you should have anywhere between one, two, three, four listings and a strong pipeline for lead follow up, which is important because if you just focused on lead generation and you have all of these leads but then you’re not following up with them, you’re not going to close any deals. You have to service the listings or else you’ll lose the listings.

Day 24:  This is when you want stack on more future business by developing and implementing a plan to get even more referrals and that’s talking about agent referrals and past client referrals. You’ll want to begin start working on my systems for that part of your business.

Day 25:  Start building relationships with other agents offering a referral competitive referral fee. For example I was offering 30 percent during the recession period and I was serving their clients at a high level. So during those recessionary years I grew my business by 25 percent each year for those four years. I was taking short sales and when people were actually willing to give the short sale referrals.

Day 26 & 27:  Put it in more solid work on your systems, your CRM and automation and focus specifically on doing that for past clients and people in your database.

Day 28, 29 & 30: At this point its really are about looking at looking forward and what’s going to happen in the future. Questions you should ask yourself: Do I need to hire a VA or an assistant? Where am I at with my business? What are my income producing activities, what’s making the money and what can I offload? What can I have somebody else do where?  Identify what that’s going to look like afterwards. That’s where you want to spend those days.


That’s your 30 day plan to get three properties under contract in 30 days and just to mention, when I was talk about the foundation and the sales cycle with the lead gen follow up and conversion and then the automation and the systems and then also the past clients. Those are the four areas of the business which is called the change agent evolution. I’ve been taught and most real estate agents have been taught that lead generation alone will set you free. That’s all. That’s the magic key. Everybody needs that. Secret sauce is generating leads, but that’s only partly true. You have to understand the big picture and, and how to approach it if you want to build a consistent business with consistent income and a long term strategy. And that’s what, that’s what you should be wanting out of real estate.

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